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*Bi Chamd hairtai--蒙古語" 我愛你" *If it's not alright, it's not the end*


 Among these musicals, Les Miserables is my favorite. The story is set in France of 19th century, and consists of people in each social level. Although I haven’t read Hugo’s novel yet, the story in the performance attracts me a lot. I love its historical story, touching music and the great sacrifices for love in this musical. I can also see the tricky destinies between the characters who try their best to survive in the society, and feel sorrow for them. Maybe it’s another kind of Romance, which is without normal romantic part but full of true love. It’s a tragedy but still hopeful. I think it’s just like when I’m at the whole dark night and I see the first light of morning. It will be the thing which needs to be cherished the most. I already watched the musical twice, and cried seriously every time. It’ll be the best musical which I have ever seen.